“Blooming Room” woman it’s your time to shine - a Blossom project and Be moved co-production


Blooming Room
This afternoon of inspirational talk and dance is an template for the everyday dance in the living world relaxing more readily with the challenges and obstacles that may dance before us.

Camilla believes that every single one of us are unique and make a difference. Camilla Steen Larsen brings over 25 years of experience in teaching movement, dance and life change. Passionately she live her dream of bringing dance as a lifestyle to the world, no matter what it’s called, it’s an entry to come one step closer ourselves being authentic in all its colors. She tends to inspire people to uncover their potential and true wishes as she bravely navigate as a dancer of life hoping that we finally get to make up with the idea of not being good enough.

As Camilla brings years of experience in movement in stillness and sound, she openly shares her heart and build bridges between people, movement forms and professions far beyond the dance floor shared.

“Blooming Room” is divided into two parts:

“Blooming Room” Heart Talk
Camilla Steen Larsen is an inspirational lady who against all odds, stood tall through the passing of both her parents, two complete floods of her studio, bringing two new movement modalities with her to Copenhagen.
Now she had made movement her livelihood facilitating on international dance floors across the globe inspiring and motivating through a creative and authentic tool box enriched by her education in Biyun Medical Qi Gong, Nia and Soul Motion®. She is an honest, open and loving teacher.

Come and hear a heart talk about entrepreneurship, about listening to your heart’s calling, daring greatly and dancing through the fears of what ifs….

“Blooming Room” Move
Come and experience a motivational afternoon on the bamboo floor in the luxurious Be moved studio.In this movement playshop your physical, mental, emotional and spirit body will open up. We will experience both modalities Soul Motion® and Nia® to discover what might have become hidden. Breath, dance in stillness and sound, in form and freedom are the qualities we try on for you to create a room to bloom. Your body - and not only your head - can be your guide and you can create the wellbeing lifestyle you dream of.
Your body is your best teacher as we dance through life - Make it Bloom. Through the movement we find health.

No prior dance practice is required to attend this weekend

Blossom-Project, is a non profit that through relationship-building work to create better conditions for vulnerable women, through prevention programs in USA, Denmark and soon Uganda.

Blossom works from the values ​​of respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion

Respect ~ Assumes the situation of vulnerable women

Dignity ~ By seeing women not as a pathology or social condition, but as a human being, with a life whose value is the same from ourselves.

Inclusion ~ By giving vulnerable women better opportunities through learning and support. As well, help them build the foundation for a brighter future and flourish to the potential they have.

Visibility ~ By seeing the women and telling their story and raising the awareness of their relationships.

All Day Blooming Room 400kr

Blooming Room - “Heart Talks” kl. 13.45 - 14.45
250kr (40 participants max)

Blooming Room - “Move” kl. 15.00 - 16.15>
250kr (25 participants max)

The Program
kl. 13.30 Welcome ~ Blooming Room
kl. 13.45-14.45 Heart Talk
kl 15-16.15 Move
Kl. 16.30 - 17.00 Snack and mingle

Register now to secure your space, when paid your spot is secured.

Registration: infoblossomproject@gmail.com

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