At Blossom we build relationships! We collaborate with the city outreach teams, other non-profit organizations and companies to help tackle some of the homeless issues the women on the street faces.

Recently, we teamed up with 14 female employees at Zendesk in San Francisco to pack 300 bags for homeless women in the Bay Area. The next packing event in December will be a team of female employees from Google.

Corporate Matching Gifts

More than 7,500 companies offer matching gift programs to their employees. These companies match, double or even triple the amount an employee gives to a charitable organization. – Your gift could qualify for a match. Contact your human resource department for information.

Do you want to host a packing event, donate products or funds please reach out to Blossom today, if you or your company would like to take a stand and support homeless women in San Francisco through our sanitary project or our locker room project.

The Three Things Corporate Sponsors get in a partnership with Blossom

  1. Recognition -  Sponsors will be recognized for their generosity
  2. Visibility - Featured on social media, logo on our website and mentioned to philanthropists and organizations as one of the sponsors in kind.
  3. Involvement - involved in your local community and showing care and support of your neighborhood

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