In ​many ​instances, ​homeless ​women ​have ​had ​unfortunate ​experiences ​with ​social services ​and ​bureaucratic ​institutions, ​and ​therefore, ​are ​hesitant ​to ​trust ​them ​once again. ​For ​this ​reason, ​the ​case ​worker ​acts ​as ​the ​mediator ​between ​the ​two, ​seeking ​to reestablish ​trust ​and ​create ​a ​relationship ​that ​will ​last ​into ​the ​future. ​

The ​case ​worker works ​on ​a ​case ​by ​case ​basis ​and ​takes ​individual ​needs ​assessments, ​accompanying the ​women ​as ​they ​receive ​help ​and ​preserving ​their ​dignity ​in ​the ​process. ​The ​locker room ​itself ​is ​more ​than ​just ​a ​place ​to ​store ​belongings ​- ​it ​is ​a ​physical ​space ​that ​is conducive ​to ​establishing ​a ​connection ​between ​the ​case ​worker ​and ​the ​homeless women. ​The ​importance ​of ​this ​relationship ​cannot ​be ​overstated ​- ​it ​is ​symbiotic, ​and restores ​a ​sense ​of ​hope. ​It ​is ​a ​way ​to ​respect ​the ​women, ​see ​them ​as ​equal ​dignity and ​also ​empower ​the ​women.

Securing ​affordable ​storage ​has ​long ​been ​identified ​as ​a ​challenge ​for ​those ​experiencing homelessness. ​The ​loss ​of ​housing ​can ​result ​in ​a ​homeless ​individual ​or ​family ​disposing ​of their ​possessions ​or ​carrying ​personal ​items ​throughout ​the ​day. ​Other ​possible ​impacts ​include the ​loss/theft ​of ​personal ​property ​when ​stored ​in ​an ​ad ​hoc ​manner, ​as ​well ​as ​hindering ​the search ​for ​employment ​and ​housing.


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