Blossom Locker Room

Description of project:

A locker room that provides a secure place for women who are homeless to store their personal belongings. And a safe place where trust can be build over time to help women out of homelessness.


1 director 20 hours a week, 1 case manager 25 hours a week, 2 volunteer each 10 hours a week

Opening hours:
Daily 9AM to 1PM, except weekends

Success criteria
Through emotional support, recognition and respect to offer hope and dignity to women.

  • Strengthening of the women’s selfesteem and greater courage to solve their problems
  • Getting women connected with other organizations who can help
  • Getting women closer to finding employment
Blossom Locker Room

Friendship Sponsor


  • Fund a locker for one year
  • Exposure: - Mentioned on the Blossom website
DONATE U$500 one time
DONATE U$500 p/month

Community Sponsor


  • Fund a row of 6 lockers for one year
  • Branding: - Use of the Blossom logo for internal and external communication
  • Exposure: - Your logo on our website and social media
DONATE U$3000 one time
DONATE U$3000 p/month

In case you want to donate a larger amount please contact us