Period Bags Donation

For homeless women with limited or no access to sanitary products, they're often forced to go without when having their period

Blossom delivers hygiene bags for homeless women to help them manage their monthly menstrual cycle.

Each bag consists of pads, tampons, wet wipes, handsinitizer, a water and a handwritten card. In wintertime also a rain poncho is included.

The bag contains supply for 3 periods

Period Bags Donation

Donation options

1.  MarinLink

Under "Project name", write "Blossom Project".

“Please list your name and mailing address in the Address Box”

2. Written check to:

5800 Northgate Drive, Suite 250
San Rafael, CA 94903

Marked: Blossom-Project

“Please list your name and mailing address”


3. Benevity

MarinLink is a qualified nonprofit in the Benevity Network. This means if your employer are part of the Benevity network you can find MarinLink Blossom-Project to donate to.

“This option is only available if your employer partners with Benevity to accept donations.”