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By donating to Blossom, you are supporting women who are changing their lives, the lives of their family and improving the quality life. blossom need your financial support to sustain our vital programs and services.

When supporting the organisation, you help among other things, for us to pay the gas that is needed for us to deliver the bags, help the website running, print flyers for our outreach, pay rent for lockerroom project, pay amenities ect. 

Support the organisation

Friendship Sponsor



  • Gas
  • Flyers 
DONATE U$50 one time
DONATE U$50 p/month

Be The Blossom Sponsor


  • Branding: - Use of the Blossom logo for internal and external communication
  • Exposure: - Your logo on our website and social media
DONATE U$500 one time
DONATE U$500 p/month

In case you want to donate a larger amount please contact us