Farheen is a medical graduate from Saba University School of Medicine. After living and studying in various parts of the world including Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, New York city she is now residing in San Francisco. Her travels have exposed her to various populations of various economic backgrounds. But the rampant homelessness she has seen first hand in such a lucrative city like San Francisco, caught her not only by surprise but also came as a disappointment in the system and in humanity. Her passion for solving the growing crisis of homelessness here in San Francisco, stems from her simple belief that; we as San Francisco, we as human beings are all capable of and must come together to help those in poverty. Her degree in medicine further drives her to passionately advocate for homeless women’s health. Her goals include raising medical awareness among homeless women and most importantly to educate homeless women about the medical issues they are facing on a daily basis.

Farheen Bawahab