Blossom will be an internationally recognized non-profit that works for creating respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion for vulnerable women.


Blossom is a non profit that through relationship-building work to create better conditions for homeless women, through prevention programs:

  • Hygiene bags that seek to help homeless women managing their menstruation and for outreach professional to make contact with the women and promote health.
  • A locker room project for homeless women, for storage, safety and relationship-building.


Blossom works out from the values ​​of respect, dignity, visibility and inclusion 

  • Respect ~ Assumes the situation of vulnerable women
  • Dignity ~ By seeing women not as a pathology or social condition, but as a human being, with a life whose value is the same from ourselves.
  • Inclusion ~ By giving vulnerable women better opportunities through learning and support. As well, help them build the foundation for a brighter future and flourish to the potential they have.
  • Visibility ~ By seeing the women and telling their story and raising the awareness of their relationships.