Blossom-Project collaborates with following organizations to distribute the bags

USA - San Francisco & Bay Area

The city of San Francisco has more than 7,000 homeless people, and 35% (2,400) of these are women between 20 and 50 years old. In Marin County there are more than 440 homeless women and in Berkeley the number is 280. Homeless women are often unable to access sanitary products. Even for the women who are able to secure a safe space at a shelter, there is often a lack of sanitary products available in most shelters.

Blossom bags also act as bridges for outreach partners, providing a welcoming approach to vulnerable women so that partners are better able to build trusting relationships resulting in transformative change. Outreach partners are specially trained to evaluate and offer remedies for lasting change, and Blossom bags help that vital connection to occur.

Blossom value the partnership with professionel organisation and are grateful for the work they do and for handing out Blossom Bags.

Partner Organizations:

San Francisco: